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Are kids growing up too fast?
by Arianne Testa
March 24, 2009

I have to admit, it’s both cute and amazing watching kids excel at something greater than what’s expected, like little girls singing like Beyonce. What’s not fun is when you see the same little girls showing their bellies trying to dance like her, on the floor and all. Whoa-uh-oh.

Now it might just be because people have to learn to adapt to the fast-paced lifestyle we have now what with the splurge of technology, but kids are not growing too fast—their mindsets are.

Some are already drinking, some already smoking and as much as we hate to admit it, some are even bumping uglies. There are literally kids out there having kids. Their brains are quickly adapting not only to the premature bodily corruption and carnal activities of today, but also to the trends of technology: MySpace, Facebook, and even my brother’s YouTube miniseries Skyline Hills is racking up prepubescent viewers. It’s like 16-year-olds reading Seventeen.

But who can blame them? There has been a time in everyone’s life when we wanted to feel mature, to be heard and to feel like we mattered, usually as preteens.

We did not come to fruition in a world where everything was quick and easy like that seventh-grader’s iTouch. We grew up in a society where internet was slower than how long water boils, when boys talked about Star Wars and fidgeted with Tech Decks, when girls had Barbies and slumber parties where they actually slept.

Arthur was awesome, Barney was bomb, Kel loves orange soda, he do, he do, he do-oo, and everyone wanted to be a Pokemon master or a Sailor Scout. We’d watch cartoons with the occasional Boy Meets World, Full House, All That and Fresh Prince. The media provided us with family-fun shows and flicks, even if we knew what American Pie, The Simpsons and South Park were in elementary school.

Lately, networks have less child-oriented programs, excluding pre-school targeted audiences. Nickelodeon, a predominantly kids channel has more time for “Teen Nick” and even an extended channel exclusively for teens, “The-N”. Disney Channel only has one show depicting its supposed main character, Mickey Mouse, and the channel switches to preteen shows in the afternoon.

Let’s look at Hannah Montana. Sixteen-year-old Miley Cyrus slash alter ego Hannah Montana appeals most to the “tweens”, the age group of eight to twelve-year-olds. Some girls don’t even run and hug toys at Toys ‘R’ Us anymore. They grab the infamous Hannah Montana wig and High School Musical bags including some fake make-up and color dye. The media is trying to expand and keep their audiences as years pass by having today’s kids grow up as tomorrow’s teenage audience. By feeding a new type of interest to today’s youth, they chomp on whatever tickles their fancy, and are influenced by their new discovery, like the scandalous acts on Gossip Girl.

Growing up with unavoidable forces of influence form the kids into what they think and believe: kids going through their first stages of puberty are easily swindled. They think they’re growing up, and their minds are grabbing the sense of maturity (or immaturity) faster than the rest of their body is, but one day these kids are actually going to grow up. Growing up too fast is just a phase everyone goes through: it’s inevitable.

This. So Much. Everyone should read this.

Arianne Testa is a great writer <3 I’m proud of you, wifey!